Free virtual racing has finally arrived with the fantastic ErgRace from Concept 2!

It does mean that you need a Concept 2 erg with a PM5 monitor. This is because it's run via the ErgRace app on your IOS or Android device. There are online races for older monitors that connect via a computer, but these are paid for events run through companies like TimeTeam. 

ErgRace allows anyone to set up an event, which can consist of as many races as you want. A central organiser sets it up and racers then join the event. If you've never tried racing this way, it's pretty improessive. ErgRace takes over your erg's monitor and gives you instructions! As shown in the picture above, you see a live graphical representation of the race. Can you beat everyone?!

Because it's set up via your phone, you can use an erg wherever you have good signal. This means that if you don't have a C2 erg at home, you can use the one at the gym. The PM5 moniot will bluetooth to your phone and you are good to go!

If you have an erg but it doesn't have a PM5 monitor, you can generally upgrade. I did this with my own Model C erg. It's easy to do and costs about £150 direct from Concept 2.