I was never really an erg lover! It was a necessary evil to help with real on-water rowing! COVID kindly changed that. With the advent of lockdown, indoor rowing was all we could do. The clever people out there then managed to organise online, virtual racing for those with an appropriately equipped Concept 2 rowing machine. This was a revelation! 

I'm still crap! I'm still old and unfit comparatively, but I love my erg and I love racing!

As Manchester doesn't have any indoor rowing clubs to speak of, I thought to see if there were other, like-minded folk out there who might be interested in creating a group. This will be initially online only but if we get enough interest, we might be able to sort a venue  once lockdown is finally over.

I've set this group up at the beginning of June 2021, with only 1 member... Me! Bear with me whilst I get other social media set up and grow the group!

Peter Johnson